HOG Stars


During the year of 2006, the Washington, PA. HOG Chapter #1928, began an Award Program in order to recognize those inspired individuals that gave of themselves to volunteer to the Chapter’s efforts. The volunteering could have been in any number of ways: From the giving up of their time, ideas, or physical efforts, The Washington HOG Chapter would like everyone to know and acknowledge these individuals. Without the efforts of these individuals, this Chapter could not exist.


In designing this program, the Primary Officers had two purposes in mind:


  • To have a program that allows for member recognition of volunteering in the Washington, PA. HOG Chapter.
  • To encourage those members that may not regularly participate in Chapter Activities; giving them an added incentive to become more involved in all aspects of the Chapter.
  • This program was established with the intent to encourage people to volunteer in the Washington, PA. HOG Chapter. But more importantly, to recognize those individuals who gave of themselves and the cause. These recognized individuals do an outstanding job of volunteering, whether behind the scenes, or out in front of everyone. We all share in the satisfaction of a “job well done,” or the “glory of donating money to a favorite Charity.” But also wanting to share in the joy that volunteering can bring to an individual, and wanting to share in this moment. For this, the Chapter gives all of you a Special Thank You in recognizing what a unique individual you truly are: Congratulations! So when you ask what the Stars for, you can tell them with pride that you are one of Washington, PA. HOG Chapter’s HOG Stars!

Click HERE to download the HOG Stars Program

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